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For this course I will be trying to work to a brief as happens in commercial work. So I will be planning very project in advance, selecting my models and agreeing fixed dates and times to do the shoot. I’ll also use a DSLR rather than a compact and try to have a tripod or monopod where practical.
Potential subjects-
-fellow students
-complete strangers.
I’ll approach potential student subjects (including tutors) through the Flickr and OCA forums. Concerning “complete strangers” my thinking is that I will find suitable subjects by various means and then make contact cold. I’ll offer free prints in exchange for their time. I know this practice of paying to take photos is frowned on by some professionals but I’m not a professional yet.

Final Post – 73% assessment!

I was very happy to receive an assessment mark of 73% for this course because I felt that I could have done better overall, particularly in how I submitted the assessment, and I would have been satisfied with something in … Continue reading

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Pre-assignment 2 recommended research: August Sander

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Impressions: stages; deadpan; pictorial; realism; portraitist; painter; empathy; new objectivity; typological; psychological. Sander was a carpenter in the mining industry who was inspired by a visiting photography to open his own studio – “for Pictorial Arts of Photography and Painting”. … Continue reading

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Pre-assignment 2 recommended research: Josef Koudelka

Impressions: death, grief, poverty, faith, religion, suffering, intensity, thoughtful, real. Full tonal range, atmospheric, open ended. Part of the community, not a voyeur. Not a rich flanneur exploiting the underclass, but a man of the people. Different origins but common … Continue reading

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Planning for People Unaware

I approached this section by reading through the seven projects and the assignment, then identifying the events, places, and scenarios that I’d need to complete it all. Within this there are four separate events or locations that I needed to … Continue reading

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Project 1 planning update

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Planning was inadequate for the first session, so we apply the learnings: 1 – use a tripod. 2 – use some artificial lighting from studio flash heads with soft boxes, at about 1/4 the strength of daylight. 3  – encourage … Continue reading

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Project 8 – Varying pose – planning

Check out magazines and take note of poses used for different positions such as standing, sitting, kneeling, lying, etc. Ask subject to take at least three positions and within each one shoot different limb positions. Subjects: Rachel (in-law) might be … Continue reading

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Project 7 – Focal length and character – planning

Use the same framing, head and shoulders, through different focal lengths by either zooming out or moving backwards. Subjects: Jeff (father-in-law), who has a tremendous depth of character, or a colleague or student. Use OCA volunteer first and then Jeff … Continue reading

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