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The photography magazines bubble

RANT: 90% are doomed, or should be doomed. There is the contemporary art contingent which I exclude from doom, such as the BJP, Hotshoe, and a few non-UK magazines such as Popular Photography and American Photo and PIX. Then there … Continue reading

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12mpx full frame vs 18mpx compact

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..continued from a previous blog, I ran some more tests, this time with a 50mm prime on the 5D, and with the G1x set close to 50mm. Both focused on the same spot, both on a tripod, both with the … Continue reading

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re-thinking what cameras are worth

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I bought a full frame DSLR in 2007 and held onto it even though it was supplemented by a Mk II which I bought and sold after three years. It’s a 12megapixel, but full frame, and I thought it was … Continue reading

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another brick comes out of the wall of ignorance

I believed that I wanted a MacBook pro, which is the best most mobile way to get an accurate display of my photos.  I’ve been working with a Lenovo laptop for several years and have had constant problems in judging … Continue reading

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DEUTSCHE BÖRSE PHOTOGRAPHY PRIZE 2012, and the winner is….. ..John Stezaker, who is not a photographer but who made the best contribution to photography in Europe through a body of work in exhibition or publication format between 1st October 2010 and 30th September 2011. Stezaker’s entry was his … Continue reading

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bricks, glass and metal in the City

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I’ve been chasing images for an assignment in London this weekend, getting alternately baked and soaked, but having a lot of fun. I’ve been pondering the nature of architecture in London and the City in particular, where normal planning rules … Continue reading

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why didn’t the photographer intervene?

..based on an article in the Guardian Weekend on 28th July, they asked why didn’t the photographer intervene?  and showed a series of photos with photographer interviews. I recognised the cover photo as being one of Greg Marinovich as described … Continue reading

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