Final Post – 73% assessment!

I was very happy to receive an assessment mark of 73% for this course because I felt that I could have done better overall, particularly in how I submitted the assessment, and I would have been satisfied with something in the 60’s%. So thank you to Keith for getting me here, and to all the tutors who have tolerated my ignorance and nonsense on study days and the forums over the last year and a half.  I have to now up the pace and get DPP ready for submission, and I recently heard that I have a new tutor, but I hope to get into the second assessment round in 2013 and perhaps start a second level course by the end of March.

The assessor comments were as follows:

A strong submission demonstrating excellent engagement with the subject and fluent technical and visual skills. 

Continue to develop your active, critical exploration of contemporary practice, as well as embrace more experimental practical approaches.

Consider different modes of presenting your work to expand upon the narrative potential of your work and to do justice to your practice.

Had I written it myself I would have expressed similar sentiments. I let myself down by not submitting any prints of my work due to on-going problems with my printer, which are due to a number of factors including and old and probably knackered Epson R2400, and my miserliness at the cost of ink and my annoyance that if I don’t print something every few days the printer nozzles get blocked and take pints of ink to clear. I’ve tried using dye ink instead of pigment, but I think that’s too thin for the nozzles because they frequently leak excess colours onto the print. I’ve thought about mixing dye with pigment, and will try that in the near future, but I think that the printer needs to be replaced because there is frequently a banding effect that hasn’t been fully cured following a full service. Perhaps I should just have them printed at Jessops or similar for the work-in-progress and then at Silverprint or Peak for the assignments. That might work out cheaper and reduce my blood pressure so let’s see what happens.

I do need to produce prints on paper because I have several ideas involving a more creative approach that will only work on hard copies. Maybe I’ll use the Epson just for test prints and buy usable versions of prints.

So in any case that’s it for People & Place. I enjoyed working to a theme and look forward to continuing at level two next year.

Thanks for reading, and if you’re not in the OCA you should go and have a look –

If it gets me thinking about art it’ll get anyone thinking about it.




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Flaneur for my own ailments; government and corporate hypocrisy; guitar stuff; the music business; home made videos featuring home made tunes played at home; a bit of golf; and of course photography. Specifically "art" photography (doesn't exist) and contemporary photography ( sadly does exist in all its grotesque reality).
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1 Response to Final Post – 73% assessment!

  1. Catherine says:

    Congratulations on the result Brian. which module are you tackling next?

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