another brick comes out of the wall of ignorance

I believed that I wanted a MacBook pro, which is the best most mobile way to get an accurate display of my photos.  I’ve been working with a Lenovo laptop for several years and have had constant problems in judging the photos that appear. When I upload them to anywhere they’re always darker and more horrible than they appear on the screen. I’ve bought and used profilers but really only worked around the problem, which has something to do with the Lenovo screen quality. A photo can look completely different on it depending on the angle of the screen, ambient lighting, anything.

So a MacBook must be the answer, and I went to my nearest Apple store and tried them out, using my own Flickr pages a the test. My images mostly looked wonderful, due to the Apple retina display, which I also have on my iPad.  But hang on, the MacBook is around £1,700 and I already have a small retina display, so do I really need one?

I started thinking about this, for the first time in a few years. Why don’t I use the iPad as the fairly immediate proofer for the Lenovo? So, upload to Evernote automatically, check the image on iPad, adjust as required until it’s right. Plus I’m working off two screens, and I don’t have to invest £1,700 just yet (my next laptop will definitely be an Apple for reasons I’m still unclear on other than “I like it better than Windows”).

This lead to me thinking about the base image, so I compiled a test image and set that as the Lenovo’s background for immediate reference every time I switch on. The grey bands must all be visible to start with –

Test print
Desktop wallpaper

Another thought was that it’s not only the viewing device that changes the image but also the browser, so I also installed a variety of those for checking.

This is all very basic and obvious to a real photographer, but I think I wasn’t seeing the wood for the trees until now that I’ve made this part of my workflow.


About watlvry

Flaneur for my own ailments; government and corporate hypocrisy; guitar stuff; the music business; home made videos featuring home made tunes played at home; a bit of golf; and of course photography. Specifically "art" photography (doesn't exist) and contemporary photography ( sadly does exist in all its grotesque reality).
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