Project 17: the user’s point of view

coffee station

Seen from an adjacent seat. The chess pieces are little tables and the chairs are comfortable enough only for a few minutes.

goal kick

Football pitch designed for only one purpose.


The view from a table beside reception in the atrium. The building was opened only two years ago and already the reception area has been blocked off for building work to provide more offices. The car park is so inadequate that a bus service runs continually to the town railway station. Workers are only allowed to be in the office for two days in a week, otherwise they must pay for their own parking at the station. There are numerous faults in this building which seems to have been designed by a committee of architects. For example it contains ten spiral staircases that are so dangerous a one-way system had to be introduced after several accidents occurred. Even during the the building stage there were problems. A construction worker stepped on a tarpaulin stretched over the roof before it was finished and only narrowly escaped falling eighty feet to the concrete below. In other times and cultures a priest might have called in to perform an exorcism, but this is civilised Surrey, and no-one has died here so far. In other respects the building is pleasant environment in which to work, containing restaurant, coffee stations, multi-media areas, and a high-tech section where simulations are made of supermarket layouts and processes.

university out of term

This hall of residence is rented out as hotel accommodation when the university is not in use. Here we see people taking breakfast, others playing games. On the next level are recreation or study areas, with the bedrooms arranged around the atrium. A very functional space compared with the previous office building. The main use of the building is to provide a living and sleeping space for the students. This photo was taken from just outside the door of one such room, looking down on the secondary spaces.



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