Assignment 1 submission

Assignment 1 student submission


About watlvry

Flaneur for my own ailments; government and corporate hypocrisy; guitar stuff; the music business; home made videos featuring home made tunes played at home; a bit of golf; and of course photography. Specifically "art" photography (doesn't exist) and contemporary photography ( sadly does exist in all its grotesque reality).
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3 Responses to Assignment 1 submission

  1. I particularly like the final portrait where Wendy looks relaxed and soft and it ahs an intimacy about it too. it would be interesting to know which one she preferred although I guess that isn’t in the brief. I can also see how easily portrait begins to cross over into social documentary once you start to include some of the context.

    • watlvry says:

      🙂 none of these would have been posted if she didn’t approve.
      She wasn’t keen on the odd shot in her mother’s chair but didn’t veto anything.
      On a side note I’m finding that I’m taking fewer “nice” or “pictorial” single photos and trying to put some narrative into my work. I guess this comes to everyone on this course, and I’m almost scared as to what I’ll end up working on in the final module.

  2. Keith W Roberts says:

    This all appears to be coming on very well indeed ! I’m just about to email your feedback for Assignment 1 > regards Keith

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